The terms ‘mental health’ and ‘mental illness’ are often thought of and used interchangeably.

Mental health and mental illness are related but separate concepts.

Someone might not have a diagnosis of a mental illness but still not be mentally healthy!

Just like everyone has health, we each have mental health. Mental health speaks to our mental wellbeing. A mental illness, however, refers to a recognised diagnosed disorder example, bipolar disorder, Psychosis and schizophrenia. A mental illness is an illness the affects that way people think, feel, behave, or interact with others.

Not everyone will be diagnosed with a mental illness in their lifetime., but everyone will struggle or have a challenge with their mental well-being just like we all have challenges with our physical health from time to time. And just like physical health, how mentally healthy we are has a great deal to do with how well we manage our day-to-day activities including how well we do our jobs.

The key is to learn how your body works and to become in-tune with your own mental and emotional health.

As well as the 10 keys to happier living, Mental Health First Aid training can be delivered to a variety of audiences including employees, line managers, HR professionals and also those who are looking to increase their awareness and understanding around mental health

Mental health issues cost British businesses and average of £1000 per year for every employee. In 2017, 76% of line managers reported that they are responsible for employee well-being, but only 22% have received training.

Knowing some basic mental health first aid means:

  • You can recognize the signs of ill mental health when they first develop
  • Direct those with those signs to the help they need earlier
  • Feel more confident about approaching a person who appears distressed
  • Identify stigma and discrimination surrounding mental health issues

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