Our strategic HR solutions commence with an audit of your current team structure and capabilities, your overall organisational future objectives and a SWOT of your HR function. From there we deliver a tailored solution and activity plan where we:

• Define, assess and review all staff roles and responsibilities from board level down
• Work with your business to ensure your long-term goal has the people and skills structure to make it happen
• Work with all functions, typically finance and marketing in the main, to define and deliver the strategic plan
• Define the communication strategy to distribute your vision to staff.

We also work to support you, or direct and deliver for you, on strategic projects such as:

• Hiring, change and development planning
• Pay reviews and benchmarking against your market
• Review and reward system design and delivery
• Training and development plans
• Employer and employee relations.

Sound different?

That’s because we are. We aren’t just a recruitment agency or simply a HR consultancy. We are working with you onsite, or offsite to ensure that we remain assuringly dynamic and versatile. Whichever blend works best and in line with your business needs.

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