Our HR Solutions start with the development of a plan, initially through a straightforward audit of your current HR process and policies.

Typically, this is without cost to you, a plan is therefore created to ensure that we can tailor our best solutions for your business.

This is essential to really understand your objectives and possible HR and/or recruitment solution.

We will then develop a HR strategy (or plan!) which will help you deliver those objectives, working with you or for you to deliver the HR (and recruitment as required) plan.

Your plan can include some or all or the following HR Solutions we offer include:

• Contract and documentation updating and roll out
• Hire, change and development planning
• Design and implementation of job descriptions
• Performance management and support
• Pay reviews and benchmarking against your market
• Review and reward system design and delivery
• Training and development plans
• Re-engagement of and management of company policies
• Employer and employee relations
• Providing and supporting/delivering grievance or disciplinary procedures

Our main role is to support you and your management team and we do this though our years of experience in doing just that.

Some of our clients prefer that we are part of the immediate team and we have a desk in their office that is occupied by one of our team up to 3 times a week.

For other clients we work from our office, manage an online portal for them and attend regular update meetings with the team or managers.

Whichever works best, we are always available for any difficult meetings that may arise.

Sound different?

That’s because we are. We aren’t just a recruitment agency or simply a HR consultancy. We are working with you onsite, or offsite to ensure that we remain assuringly dynamic and versatile. Whichever blend works best and in line with your business needs.

Contact us now for further information on how we can help you.