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A human being is only as healthy as his or her mind is. Mental illness can be a rather silent, slowly developing health problem that can significantly reduce employee health and their productivity. Thankfully however Employers are gradually beginning to see how vital and important managing and supporting their employee mental health is in the workplace.

A large number of Employers in the UK are starting to recognise that mental health problems are way too costly to ignore – it has become imperative for them to take steps to improve awareness of this key area of wellbeing.

Providing the right training and tools to support mental health can not only enhance staff wellbeing, motivation and engagement but also provide insight and targeted support to managers and colleagues especially in HR and occupational health.

Managers and supervisors must be empowered with skills to be able to promote the mental wellbeing of their employees and manage mental health and stress problems effectively.

Mental health first aid training can help employees to be more aware of their own mental wellbeing and how to protect it – all whilst tackling the stigma around mental illness in the workplace.

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